Our History

This Grand Old Building

… was originally the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hallock. Although the building first shows up on the county ledger in 1935, we believe that its true beginnings were in 1917. The building was constructed in several sections over the years, with the first section being about only 400 square feet. We think that this 400sq feet cabin was the original homestead of the Hallocks. We are pretty certain of the date since the walls were stuffed with newspapers for insulation. The second addition of yet another 400 square feet was in the mid twenties. This addition included a living room, small bedroom, and a fireplace. The third addition is when the property finally shows up on the county ledgers. This is when the Hallocks added about 3000 square feet (including the upstairs, and basement) to open Lincoln City’s first hospital.

In September of 1935 Mrs. Erma Delanoy established the North Lincoln Hospital in the house. The hospital had two wards, containing two and three beds respectively, as well as two private rooms. The hospital moved after a couple of years to a new location.

In 1938 Mr. Bateman bought the residence as well as a building lot from the Hallocks.The property bounded by Thorpe Avenue and the Pacific Coast Highway was purchased for the purpose of building a mortuary and chapel. Mr. Bateman had the distinction of being Lincoln County’s pioneer mortician, and at the time had been in business in the county for 22 years. Mr. Bateman, well known for his fair dealings, was heartily welcomed to North Lincoln County. The chapel had a seating capacity for 150 people and represented and investment of several thousands of dollars. Although Mr. Bateman eventually sold the building it remained a mortuary business.

In the last decade, even though it was still a licensed mortuary, it saw very little use, due to the deterioration of the building. The last year of its life, it stood vacant. The walls were crumbling, and the building’s roof leaked constantly. In 2011 the building was purchased and lovingly restored to better then original condition. Now reborn as an event center, and christened “The Eventuary.”

It’s a building with a long history and is a unique event space to host your special occasion in style.